Pola Negri: The Iconic Collection

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For the first time ever, four of Pola’s films from the early days of her career in Europe, digitally re-mastered and featuring a new original piano score, are now available with English subtitles in one special edition collectors box set. The Box Set includes many bonus features, including clips from the award winning documentary “Pola Negri: Life Is A Dream In Cinema” and a musical tango vignette to Pola Negri’s recording of “Ich Hab An Dich Gedacht” by director and choreographer Mariusz Kotowski. In this iconic collection, experience the riveting and mesmerizing performances of a rising star and discover the magic of this mysterious, legendary, ground-breaking artist who’s films inspired the world of cinema for generations to come.

Deeper and Deeper

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The classic story of “boy meets girl” goes horribly wrong when Ryan, a charming young bank teller, falls hard the moment he lays eyes on the seductive, yet older, Angelica. Consumed by his curiosity, Ryan begins stalking Angelica, desperate to know more about her. He stumbles upon the perfect opportunity to spy on the woman of his dreams when he is hired by Dolores as a part-time maintenance man and moves into an apartment across the street from Angelica. As the line separating love and lust becomes harder to define, his growing fascination sends him deeper into a bizarre world of obsession and infatuation. But things are not always what they seem in this twisty tale of psychological suspense.


Naperville Independent Film Festival, Naperville, IL- 2011
Los Angeles Reel Film Festival – 2010
16th Annual Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival – 2010
The World Music and Independent Film Festival – 2010
International Indie Gathering  – 2010
Bare Bones Film Festival – 2010
PREMIERE – Polish Film Festival Los Angeles, CA – 2010
Deeper and Deeper Soundtrack

The Big Band sounds of the 1940s and 1950s draw you into a jazz score that showcases the sexy and scintillating performance of singer Sydney Barrosse as she reminisces in tempo with a titillating title song Deeper and Deeper and the sultry styling of Mandy Lauderdale in Mister Stevens and Champagne, Champagne.

Esther’s Diary (re-cut of Forgiveness)

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Esther’s Diary tells the story of a woman’s struggle to find closure after her mother passes away and reveals the tragic details of her life as a young Jewish girl in Poland and her capture in 1943 through the pages of her diary.  Unable to get answers to the millions of questions sparked by the pages she reads, Sarah begins to search for Esther’s long lost friend, Apollonia. On her journey, Sarah locates her mother’s childhood friend and develops a bond with Apollonia’s daughter, Maria. In a world of love and loss, their connection helps the women attain the forgiveness and understanding necessary to move on with their lives.

Esther’s Diary Screenings

The Bucharest Jewish Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania – 2012
World Jewish Film Festival “Jewish Eye”, Ashkelon, Israel – 2012
AmericaFreeTV, Fairfax VA, – 2011
Macon Film Festival, Macon, GA – 2011
Silk City Flick Fest – 2010
Great Lakes International Film Festival – 2010
International Film Festival, Ireland – 2010
Glen Rose Neo-Relix Film Festival – 2010
New Hope Film Festival – 2010
PREMIERE – River Bend Film Festival – 2010

Forgiveness Screenings

WorldFest, Houston, TX – 2009
Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival – 2008
International Film Festival of Los Angeles – 2008
West Hollywood International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA – 2008
PREMIERE- Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA – 2008

Pola Negri

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Before Dietrich and Garbo, there was Negri. What does it mean to be a star? Why do some actors become stars and legends for all time? This documentary film answers these questions by examining the life and work of the legendary actress Pola Negri. She was invited by Jesse Lasky of Paramount Pictures to come to the United States in 1922. Pola was the first European star to come to America and paved the way for Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich to follow. Yet, few people today know this magnificent actress or the dramatic events of her life including her engagements to Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentino. The documentary is based on research of Pola Negri’s life and numerous interviews with people who knew or worked with Pola Negri or studied her films including the Academy-Award Winning actress Hayley Mills, actor Eli Wallach, film historian Jeanine Basinger, Paramount Producer A.C. Lyles and many others. The film includes numerous clips from Pola Negri’s movies and shows the incredible range she demonstrated through silent films into talkies and from black and white into color.


Prescott Film Festival, Prescott,  AZ – 2012
New York Polish Film Festival, New York, NY – 2012
Muzeum Miejskie w Zabrzu, Lodz, Poland – 2012
The Garden State Film Festival Ashbury, NJ – 2012
Iluzjonie Warsaw, Poland – 2011
Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Buffalo, NY – 2011
4th Film & Art Festival Two Riversides, Warsaw, Poland – 2010
A tribute to Pola Negri at the Cinémathèque Française, Paris, France – 2010
Austin Polish Film Fest, Austin, TX – 2008
Pola Negri Film Festival, Katowice, Poland – 2007
Dixie Film Festival – 2006
Polish Film Festival in America – Pola Negri Retrospective (in conjunction with the Chicago Silent Film Society) – 2006
South Padre Island Film Festival, Padre Island, TX – 2006
WorldFest Houston, Houston, TX – 2006
Museum of Modern Art, Pola Negri retrospective, New York, NY – 2006
PREMIERE: The Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA – 2006

Other Works

Pola Negri: Hollywood Legend (short film 2006) – Director / Producer
Vicky’s Secret (short film – 2005) – Director / Producer
Luigi on Broadway (short film – 2004) – Director / Producer
Tango Notturno (short dance film – 2004) – Director / Producer